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Asian Culture

We are pleased to work with and welcome Asian property professionals in London. Every culture has its own approach to buying a home or renting a property in London and we have been working with Asian property buyers, primarily from Shanghai and Hong Kong for many years. When identifying property for Asian buyers certain nuances become important based on cultural and preferential requirements. 

From our experience, Asian buyers are sophisticated and often have particular values. Listed below ensure an enjoyable acquisition or sales process. 

  • Luck can play a part in the purchasing process
  • Usually, ultra modern apartments and houses are more desirable 
  • Business cards being handed over with two hands are a tradition 
  • Formalities are important
  • A bedroom with a stairs leading straight out of the property will NOT work 
  • Location and light are important 
  • Quality Asian food offerings are desirable 

At Knightsbridge Prime Property we specialise in working with Asian buyers and tenants as well as those looking to remodel their portfolio or a lettings partner that can communicate appropriately with this audience. 

It is why we are recognised as the leading Prime Property experts in London.

Londons Leading Prime Sales and Lettings Agent for tenants and buyers from Asia